Compasso d'Oro Award International Edition

In 2014 ADI announced the first edition of the International Compasso d'Oro thereby inaugurating a series of International editions dedicated from time to time to different themes.

The 1st edition: Design for Food and Nutrition

To mark the Expo 2015, which will be held in Milan from the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015, and bearing in mind new global scenarios where the right to safe, healthy and sufficient food for all is considered a central theme for the future of the planet, ADI is promoting the 1st International ADI Compasso d’Oro Award in line with the theme of the Expo, that is, Feed the Planet, and dedicating the award to Design for Food and Nutrition. The theme which candidates will be asked to consider is design as a tool for sustainable  innovation and development (in an economic, social, environmental and cultural context), from food production and visual communication systems, to distribution and food consumption.

The Award’s attention will be focused on the capacity of design to improve and innovate production processes and products, to create quality in the different phases of the food production chain (within production as in sales, usage and consumption of food), but also considering the information and education systems in the pre- and post-consumption phases. The theme of the Award has been kept intentionally wide so as to invite as wide a participation as possible and to draw attention to the skills and capabilities that design has developed over the years, both in practice and reflections on this discipline, as well as in terms of approaches to other sectors.

The Award is open to companies and designers that have applied a design culture to production methods that is both advanced and culturally aware of the material and immaterial qualities of the products involved, and that is responsible towards the individual,  society and the environment and which proposes new ethically sustainable forms of behaviour that are advantageous for the communities, populations and economies involved.

The following are eligible to enter: products, whether physical or digital, created using either industrial or individual methods, provided that they may be adapted to industrial scale production even if produced as one-off pieces, together with services and research projects. Products should be seen as effectively being made available to the end user.


Download the Regulations of the 1st Compasso d’Oro Award International Edition